Septic to Sewer Guidance

Septic tank discharges have been identified as substantial nutrient contributors to several springs and other water bodies throughout Florida.  In conjunction with the BMAP process, Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal System (OSTDS) Remediation Plans are being developed and implemented with various levels of success.  Several factors affect the success of these plans including (but not limited to) public relations, physical challenges in extending sanitary sewer service, cost, funding availability and implementation strategies.  The FWEA Utility Council worked with Jones Edmunds & Associate, Inc., to develop the Septic to Sewer Guidance Document This guidance document can be used to assist community leaders with developing and implementing plans to connect homes currently served by septic tanks to sanitary sewer. It can also be used by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to assist stakeholders in the development and implementation of OSTDS Remediation Plans in areas where septic tanks have been identified as substantial nutrient sources to TMDL water bodies.