Our Promise

Florida’s trusted source to collect and clean wastewater and to serve as protectors of public health and the environment. public health and the environment.

Our Position

For the millions of Floridians who rely on clean, safe and affordable wastewater services, FWEAUC’s member utilities lead the way at the state, regional and local levels to deliver innovative and reliable wastewater solutions. In partnership with lawmakers, regulators, educators, and the communities we serve, our member utilities share in the responsibility to collect and clean our wastewater and to protect public health and our environment.

Our Story

We are here. We are here because water quality matters. And because Florida’s natural environment is special, and irreplaceable. And most importantly, because our customers rely on us to collect and clean their wastewater in a safe and affordable manner.

What began in 1997 with 15 utilities in the state demanding an active role in the adoption and implementation of effective wastewater legislation and regulations, has grown to include more than 75 member organizations who are dedicated to protecting the health of our customers and shaping the direction of our industry.

In the beginning, we understood the value of having a seat at the table, and our voice needed to be heard on the important issues facing our industry. After all, we are the ones in the trenches and understand the impact our work has on Floridians and our state’s natural resources.

So, we created an organization that offered a seat at the table. And since that point, we’ve given wastewater utility providers a unified voice as we continue our promise to serve as Florida’s trusted source to collect and clean wastewater, and to serve as protectors of public health and the environment.

Over the years, we have adapted to meet the needs of our customers. And as a result of our constant attention to delivering innovative and reliable wastewater solutions, we’ve developed new ways of doing things. Better ways of doing things. Our Working Groups, at the heart of our organization, are responsible for a voice in regulatory and legislative developments, which support everything from reuse and water quality, to conservation and infrastructure. We’ll continue to adapt and leverage technology and listen, to ensure we remain focused on our mission.

We are here. We are here for our customers. For our members. And for future generations of Floridians.


To obtain information or to become a member of the Utility Council, including eligibility criteria, please contact Shelley Long, 850-980-9040, or email: ucadmin@fweauc.org.